Bogdan Onecic

~ Master Be ~

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About Bogdan

I Am! Yes, I AM!

Known in this lifetime as Bogdan Onecic, my greatest passion was, is and will be exploring, feeling, integrating and Consciously Living my Consciousness.

This took me in some of the most interesting places possible (physical and non-physical).

I've created all I needed to truly understand my I AM, how realities are created, why I'm here and so much more.

I've realized that there is no separation between me and my Soul unless I wanted to experience this. I've integrated the natural freedom that each and every souled being has, but very few choose it from all their heart, with no agenda or expectations.

Joy is the natural state of being when you allow yourself to go beyond separation, the aspect games and especially when you love your self no matter what.

And from this Passion was born another one - of sharing from my own experience and wisdom, of assisting others in their own natural process of Realization, of allowing themselves to discover the Love of Self and of receiving their Soul into this reality.
I know how hard it is sometimes, how some days are hopeless in this transformation and I know how it's like in the Dark night of the Soul.

But I also know that this is am Absolutely Natural Process, that whatever you're going through will pass, and especially that it can also be easy. So simple that it's the hardest thing a human could ever do. (without doing)

Once I've gone through all of these I understood that everything was exactly as I wanted it to be. No one has ever made me do anything and never could. At one point, tired and at the end of my power, I let go. I let go of the fight (with myself) No Matter What!

And then I started to LIVE!

Joy, Abundance, Love, they all flooded this reality and they continue to do so, more and more. This is Natural! And it's available for each and every one!

If you feel we speak the same language, if you want to share with me your journey or of you feel I can assist you with anything, feel free to contact me. You can do this using the Contact page or by mail at: bogdan@shaumbra-in-hd.ro.

With great Joy,
Master Be

About Shaumbra in HD

Shaumbra is a self-assumed title of those who bring true changes in themselves and therefore In All That Is, those who dare to be the fearless pirates of Consciousness.

The rule-breakers, those who integrate the Masculine and the Feminine, Light and Dark, the true pioneers of Self Love, those who first jump into the experience and then see what it's about, those who are receiving and living their own LIFE.

For me, these are Shaumbra.



High Definition means Living in Joy, in the natural abundance of each and every one of us, without the illusion of separation between us and our Soul, beyond limits and human values, and at the same time savoring and living life with all its colors!


Therefore, Shaumbra in HD simply means

To Live as a Master in the continuous realization

Of your own I AM, celebrating every moment, knowing that

All Is Well in All Of Creation!

I am

all that

I am

A few of my Creations